About our foodbank

First opened in October 2012, last year our foodbank fed 4,945 people

East Lothian Foodbank was set up as a direct response to local need.  The local MP and church ministers were being appealed to by people who literally had no-one else to turn to.  It became apparent very quickly that this need was not going to be a temporary one and that there was a growing number of people experiencing severe food poverty.

Now with over three years’ experience of providing emergency food aid to local people, we are working for fair access to food in East Lothian by:

  • Alleviating short-term food poverty through dependable emergency supplies, accessible to all
  • Helping our users access other services
  • Undertaking advocacy to help prevent food poverty
  • Improving access to and enjoyment of good quality food
  • Acting collaboratively with agencies in the fields of health, food and poverty.

You can find out more about what we do by clicking on the links to our facts and figures and annual reporting pages.

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