The foodbank gets fresh!

12th May 2017

We’ve just launched a new initiative which we hope will put nutrition firmly on the agenda in our fight to tackle food insecurity in the county.

BeGreen Dunbar, funded in its entirety by Community Windpower, the operators of Aikengall Wind Farm has provided a very generous one-off donation of £8,000, to be spent exclusively on items of perishable food items that we have never before been able to supply.  This grant will allow us to supply 800 Get Fresh Bonus Bags to families in need across the county, which will provide a huge boost to the nutritional value of our regular food parcels.  Organised in conjunction with the fresh food initiative in Prestonpans, Roots & Fruits, our Get Fresh Bonus Bags will contain fresh fruit and vegetables, bread, fresh milk (not UHT as normal), cheese and butter, to the value of £8 per Bonus Bag.

Peter Dicker Foodbank Manager explaining the scope of the project to Diane Wood Owner Director of Community Windfarms
Peter Dicker Foodbank Manager explaining the scope of the project to Diane Wood Owner Director of Community Windfarms

As Peter our manager says, “we’re proud to say that every food parcel we send out is nutritionally balanced, and we have been supplying apples and some fresh vegetables whenever possible for the last two years now.  But this amazing grant from BeGreen Dunbar allows us to provide, for the first time ever, fresh ingredients that most people take for granted as fridge essentials.

To be able to give local families in need fresh milk, bread, butter and cheese really will be a bonus for them.  We can only do this while we have this extra money though – it would be even better to know that we could always provide such healthy fresh ingredients.   To be able to have a cheese sandwich and an apple for lunch when your food parcel arrives is quick, easy, filling and nutritious.  Tesco in Haddington have been very supportive, donating hundreds of their sturdy shopping bags for this project, so I’d like to thank them publicly.

First bonus bag being collected
First bonus bag being collected

This grant comes at a time when our food stocks are being really stretched.  The number of food parcels we give out has increased by 30% over the last 12 months.  We believe that this is no coincidence at a time when so many families are being shifted onto Universal Credit and facing 4 or 6 weeks when they receive no benefits at all.” 

We’re always in need of long-life milk, long-life juice, tinned fruit and tinned vegetables but can only accept donations of non-perishable foods from the public, due to sell by dates and storage regulations.  Donations can be made at local libraries, local churches, or at the Foodbank on any weekday morning.

We are holding collections at the 3 stores in East Lothian, Haddington, Musselburgh Extra and North Berwick on Wednesday the 17th of May so if people are in these stores on that date then please donate if you can.


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