4th Tranent Guides pull out all the stops

3rd November 2017

Girlguiding East Lothian and the units which are part of it are frequent visitors to the foodbank learning about what we do, how they can help and to drop off donations. Well, once again we’ve been blown away by the hardwork and generosity of one of our local units 4th Tranent Guides.

At the end of the summer we got a call from Vicki one of their leaders to say that the unit had been doing some fundraising over the summer in the form a “grow £5 challenge” and would like to donate it to the foodbank.

Each of the 6 patrols in the unit was given £5 and challenged to grow this amount over the summer and what followed is inspiring. It must have been a busier time than usual in the households with members from 4th Tranent Guides over the summer! Bookmarks were designed, made and sold, cakes were baked and cake sales held, scrunchees were made and sold as were a variety of other crafts. The Guides embraced the challenge nurturing those £5 and through their own initiative, imagination and hard work they flourished.

The final total which was handed over to us was a staggering £524.26! Fantastic!

A huge thank you to all the Guides and leaders who took part in the challenge and to all those who supported the girls in their entrepreneurship.

The Guides wanted to know how we would spend their money and when they heard about our Jingle Bags they were excited to support us knowing that we’ll be putting the money to good use this December. If you would like more information about our Jingle bags you can find it here.

More information about GirlGuiding can be found here.


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