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Our winter appeal

We don’t want to spend every winter saying things are getting worse, but they are.

Families are still being forced to make impossible decisions. No one should have to choose between the essentials.


Demand continues to rise and this winter we’re anticipating feeding over 8000 people. We want to ensure we are here for everyone who needs our help. So, this year we’re not asking for Christmas dinner items to fill our jingle bags instead we’re asking you to help us ensure we have the essentials we need to provide meals for any day of the week.


If you’d like to support our winter appeal you can help by




You can also support us by sharing our winter appeal with your friends, family, community. Or if you have a bit of spare time think about volunteering with us.

We know we’re not the answer in the long term, but while we continue to fight for the change that could mean we can close for good, we need your help this winter.

Thank you for all your support.

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